The Dugout (Mon. 8-10 a.m.)

Hosted by Paul Dobler and Jared Meyer, The Dugout will discuss current Major League Baseball and UNO Baseball news. It will cover game highlights, transactions, games to watch, also will cover UNO baseball highlights and news. I hope to have interviews with players and coaches.

Metally Insane (Mon. 3-4 p.m.)

Metally Insane is the listener’s one stop source for rock, alternative, and metal. Hosts Joey Mills and Paul Dobler bring the latest music and news every week including tour dates, rising artists, and unheard tracks.

The Tier3 Tech Show (Tue. 7-9 p.m.)

Hosted by Eric Anderson, Ajay Medury, Jake Partusch and Alex Kuklinski, the Tier3 Podcast brings you the latest in technology news and trends. Access the show archive here:

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It’s summer, yo

It’s summer, yo. Time to crank MavRadio and splash around in that kitty pool in your yard.

There’s some stuff happening over the summer, mainly finalizing things in the new studio in CPACS, and getting everyone acquianted with the new software. We’ve also been planning out the fall semester, and it’s gonna be good. So just keep it right here on MavRadio. Don’t even turn your computer off.

I’ve also been trying to improve our assistant GM’s golf skills. He is uh, well let’s just say…’s kind of like….nevermind.

We’ll keep you updated here. Until next time, keep your lawn mowed.

About Us

UNOMAVRADIO is a student-run radio station that runs out of the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

As the University of Nebraska-Omaha student-run radio station, UNOMAVRADIO strives to enrich the UNO and Omaha communities by engaging, informing, and entertaining through means that go beyond programming.

UNOMAVRADIO also strives to provide a learning lab for broadcasting students at the University.
There they can get valuable real-world experience that will later help them in their journalism or broadcasting careers.

We began as KBLZ in 1997 and became UNOMAVRADIO in 2008.

The station is completely self-sufficient.

Donations are always welcome.

Please regularly visit the calendar for upcoming fundraisers for the station.